The next to last thing you remember is going to sleep last night… Sometime before morning you heard a strong, smooth, rich, masculine voice say;

“Ah, what puny things mortals are. I was mortal, once…”

The next thing you knew you were waking up on the ground as the sun was rising. Next to you are the forms of 5 other adventures waking up, some known to you, but not all.

For those who once adventured together, the site before you was once familiar but now is one of devastation. The walls around the Tomb of Ataun are destroyed and a large crater is off to the West side. The Tower at the North-east corner has collapsed and the overgrowth appears to be the result of many, many years of neglect. It is as if you are at right place but at the wrong time, or maybe the wrong place at the right time. You might just be out of time and place.

The voice speaks again in your mind,“Destroy the Evil that has been awakened within and if you live you will be rewarded, if not, you will carry a curse. You are not from here but your success or failure will effect us all.”
What do you do now?


The Return to R... uh, The Tomb of A.

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